Friday, 15 March 2013

Character Standard Poses Outline

Below is the Outline for the Standard Poses.

Refining Facial Expression

To help maintain the form of the face. I decided to do a unique version to expressions sheet. Looking at the features from a turnaround perspective. To do this I looked at emotion which best suited images in the final product and developed them on a front, side, and thirds view. The following are the results of my work.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Looking at Facial expressions

To help develop my character I began looking at different emotions and began design these emotion upon the head of the main character. I quickly gathered that the character appearance altered considerable by each emotion and furthermore looked like a completely different character. 

Looking at Action Poses

To begin the action poses I began with some colour developments of the character in the standard poses I had set.

Using my technique I then took these character and began developing the them in the action poses I thought best to take through to final design. However what became apparent was my ability to create good expressions. more specifically expression at different angles.

Research in to Theme and Action Poses

With development of the character in full swing, I began to look at the style of the whole project, I thought it would be a good idea to use a prolific era in basketball -The 70's. The colours and themes that run through this time frame displayed some comical promise and therefore could provide some added humour.

Also before designing the character in certain action poses I thought it wise to research more thoroughly the body shapes of professional basketballersdurign games.

Development of Timmy and Building a My Technique

After looking for inspiration in multiple media. I found a cute style design which would fit in to my basketball world. The Q-style form allowed for exaggeration and comical disfigurement of character to give a humorous but cute style. I felt this was ideal for the project and I began attempting to design along these lines.   

The initial design process began poorly with character looking quite weak, dis-proportioned and  unprofessional. However with a steady development the latter few began to show promise. With fig 13. I decided to push further by seeing how the character would look in action poses.

During my learning period, I began design my character through a set design method. Below is the sequence in which I built Timmy. 

The A-Z of Basketball

Alongside, development around the character, I began to look at the development of the actual images. Looking at what technique or position in basketball can be assigned and visualized within the alphabet structure.

Realizing that some elements had more options then others, The storyboards became crucial in narrowing down which images I would do. 

Developing a Style and Changing Character Style

Under the advisement of my colleagues, the overweight character would send out the wrong message about health and the ability to achieve. Especially to young children as such I believed that the best course of action was to design the skinny nerd. Alongside this however my drawings where lacking any sophistication and to resolve this I decide to do an exercise that help me develop cartoon features but also figure out how these feature will contribute to the final character.

Noticing that my standard model was quite generic, I felt it was important to develop a new cartoon style which better suits the project.

Choosing Character Style

After collating my research I began to look at the face of the the character i drew up some rough cartoons to advise me choice. In this instance, I decided to follow my desire to have my character as an overweight man. Fat Guy 2 became my reference.

Following my decision, I went straight into cartoonist mode and began developing my skills in this area. First, building and overweight character.

Original Research: Picking a Character Style

Within the start up weeks of this project, I envisioned the character in three styles. Overweight, Skinny Nerd or Anthropomorphic. To get the ball rolling I looked at research around people and cartoons that resemble these categories. 

Major Project: Timmy's A-Z of Basketball: Proposal