Thursday, 1 November 2012

Minor Project Diary: Wk3 The Turn Around Development

Whilst working on the Werewolf. My mind drifted to the turnarounds of the characters heads and to try and visulise the characters in three dimensions to help down the timeline to improve the development of the models later on.

 My first attempt didn't fair to well with me losing definition and charcter from the faces once moving to 3/4 angles of the characters. I knew therefore that the best choose of call was to go into Photoshop and develop character turn arounds in that software.

The final development of the characters worked extremely well and the visuals now aloud me to see how the heads would be built for the characters. However upon advice it was highlighted that the feautures had again, during the digital painting had been lost and the details which had made the characters successful in the drawings was no longer there.

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