Thursday, 1 November 2012

Minor Project Diary: Wk2 Another Developement and New Way to Design.

With the development picking up the pace it was now time to re-approach the design to see what could be changed or altered to simplify the chacters for 3D. In result the idea came forward as that the shape of the face should be simplistic shapes; Squares, Cyclinders, Triangles and Trapizium.
This process lead to a smoother developement.

 With the designs for Dracula and Frankenstein converted into this simplistic from the stylr was starting to show form. In result the Mummy design took mere minutes to design and fall into the the band quite nicely. Sadly the Werewolf was still the weakest link in the Bands design and need to be worked on alongside sortiung out body silhouettes. 

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