Monday, 28 May 2012

Models And Metaphors Tutorials

Tutorials Achieved:

 Active / Passive Bodies: Stand In Object (Chain Links)
Active / Passive Bodies: Hinge & Spring Constraints (Catapult)
Active / Passive Bodies: Nail Constraint (Newton’s Cradle)
Active / Passive Bodies: Pin Constraint (Earing)s

Soft Bodies Part 2: Cloth / Marble
Soft Bodies Part 3: Snow
Soft Bodies Part 5: Bubbles
NCloth Part 1: Flags (Ncloth, Collider, & Nucleus)
NCloth Part 2: Netting (Indirect Deformation)
NCloth Part 3: Bouncy Castle (Cache Blending)
NCloth Part 4: Rope Bridge (Transform Constraints)
NCloth Part 5: Custom Presets & Component to Component Constraint (Balloons)

Mental Ray: Using Maya Layered Shaders with Mental Ray Nodes
 Using Ambient Occlusion with Displacment Maps
Sub Surface Scattering Part 1: Grapes
Sub Surface Scattering Part 2: Cartoon Shader
Ambient Occlusion Lighting & Light Decay
Mental Ray: Round Corners Node 

Failed attempted at attaching turbulence to the Soft_Water_Plane particle systems.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sky Movies Sting

3D Objects For Sting

Here are the objects which will feature in my sting

Fig 1 | Choclate Box

Fig 2| Particle Heart

Fig 3 | Lips

Building For Maya

After I had conclude my Storyboard Choice. I began to think about working in 3D. However because I wanted a specific design I decided to use illustrator to help build outlines (front and side elevation) For objects that will be in the scene. Which I progressed further to create a basic concept og each object.

Fig 1 | Chocolate Box Oultine.

Fig 2 | Box Lid Pattern

Fig 3 | Lips Outline

Finding The Sting

So I began looking into influence and possible style that will feature in my Sting. Images and documents below show my findings:

Working Document

Influence Maps For Lips

After collating some secondary research I decided to get some primary. The following are different shades of lipstick along with different lips. This gave me chance to find a colour scheme and work on developing the lips better. Also the lips became good use at the end scene.

Fig 3 |

Romance Storyboards

After a meeting with Alan I came to conclusion that romance was the best idea to go with. In this respect I developed my secondary ideas. Around the my orginal Romance Storyboards. Below is the result. Note that after completeing the Second Tier of Storyboards I was chose the final board as the one to take in to 3D.

Superhero and Romantic Storyboards

To begin with I couldn't choose between the catergory of Romance and the catergory of Superheroes. To help this decision I choose 4 of my best ideas from each feild and drew them out to help me make a decision. Below are my results.



Monday, 21 May 2012

Resubmission - Maya Tutorials.

Dynamics 1 - Emitters, Patrticles, Lights Dynamics 2 - Goals, Instances, Spirtes

Mental Ray  - Lighting and Rendering 2 & Games Development

Here is a working document I used whilst working on Optimization.

Renderng Attributes
Few hiccups when doing the tutorial will be displayed below. 

 The charcater rim shadow when well in design but the background wouldn't change when altering it to a brown colour. Unfortunatley it wan't fixed but shall be as it has left me intrigued.