Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Athena | Refining For Sculpting And Colour

After speaking with Alan, We decided the best picture to use where in no doubt the No.7 from Character Development Sheet 6 and No.3 from Character Development Sheet 3. The conclusion of this was then to merge the characters together. Then begin to apply highlights and shadows to the new silouette.

Fig 1 | Merged Silhouette

Fig 2 | Woking Out Lines Perspective - Divides between Armour, Robe and Skirt.

Fig 3 | Developing Contours And More Body Shapes - Exentuating Cloth, Skirt, and Helmet Details

Fig 4 | Continuing to develop the Character Clothing and Style

Fig 5 |  First Attempt At Development Of The Character, Highlights and Shadows.

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