Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Athena | Developing The Details

After, the headwork and the highlights and shadows work and went back to the body to nip and tuck some features. Continiuing this I began to apply details to the body and define the characters clothing and other implements.  

Fig 1 | Dividing Skin From Clothing - Defining Robe

Fig 2 | Applying Detail to Character.

Fig 3 | Development Of The 2nd Character

Fig 4 | Development Of Second Character

Fig 3 | More Detail To The Helmet

Fig 4 | Development Of Character 3

Fig 5 | Development Of Character 4 And Development To Helmet

Fig 6 | Development of Character 5

With the character developed I moved on to Colouring the Characters. So I can move on to the modelling stages.

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