Wednesday, 11 April 2012

@ Alan and Phil

Hi Alan,

The following are my final design to begin modelling. My favourites are 3 and 5 but
I would like your opinions before proceeding to the modelling stage:


Athena | Refining For Sculpting And Colour

After speaking with Alan, We decided the best picture to use where in no doubt the No.7 from Character Development Sheet 6 and No.3 from Character Development Sheet 3. The conclusion of this was then to merge the characters together. Then begin to apply highlights and shadows to the new silouette.

Fig 1 | Merged Silhouette

Fig 2 | Woking Out Lines Perspective - Divides between Armour, Robe and Skirt.

Fig 3 | Developing Contours And More Body Shapes - Exentuating Cloth, Skirt, and Helmet Details

Fig 4 | Continuing to develop the Character Clothing and Style

Fig 5 |  First Attempt At Development Of The Character, Highlights and Shadows.

Athena | Head Work.

During working on the shadows and highlights of the character I detoured on to working on the head and sculpting the look of the character. The following was my attempts to create the head of the character.

Fig 1 |  Molding Head

Fig 2 | Working Out Perspective

Fig 3 | Attempt 1 - Working Out Highlights and Shadows

Fig 4 | Attempt 2 | Working Out Curvature Of The Face

With attempt 2 I found that the eyes where too small and didn't work with the  head. I therefore progressed by making bigger eyes.
Fig 3 | Attempt 3 | Looking to develop eyes and workout highlights

Fig 4| Getting somewhere - Begin to understand the eyes along with the highlights and shadows. Also  start development on the Nose.

Fig 5 | Again attempt to add curvature to the head, Defining Nose and Eyes Further.

Fig 6 | Attempt 1 - Working On Mouth, Looking For Better Development On Shadows and Highilights.

Fig 7 | Looking For More Detail Around The Eyes. More Definition to Nose.

Fig 8 |  More Definition On The Eyes, Mouth, and Nose

Fig 9 | More Development On To The Nose, Mouth and Highlights

Fig 10 | Working Out Highlights and Shadows Once Again

Fig 11 | Attempance at Highlighs and Shadows. (Eyes Tested)

Fig 12 | Attemptance At Shadows and Higlights (Input of Ear)

Fig 13 | Reworked Eyes - Looking To Develop Hair

Fig 14 | Change Hair Style

Fig 15 | Beginning To Develop Hairs

Fig 18 | Introducing Helmet. Applying Highlight And Shadows

I was pleased with the head but the issue around the cheeks where still lingering. After spending to much time on the head I realised it was compromising my efforts to complete the project and therefore I moved on reluctantly.

Athena | Developing The Details

After, the headwork and the highlights and shadows work and went back to the body to nip and tuck some features. Continiuing this I began to apply details to the body and define the characters clothing and other implements.  

Fig 1 | Dividing Skin From Clothing - Defining Robe

Fig 2 | Applying Detail to Character.

Fig 3 | Development Of The 2nd Character

Fig 4 | Development Of Second Character

Fig 3 | More Detail To The Helmet

Fig 4 | Development Of Character 3

Fig 5 | Development Of Character 4 And Development To Helmet

Fig 6 | Development of Character 5

With the character developed I moved on to Colouring the Characters. So I can move on to the modelling stages.

Athena | Colour Scheme and Design Development

From This Point I looked to use colours which can be associated with the Gods, Greeks and Athena Herself. the Following was my development on the characters.

Fig 1 | Starting to Colour Character 1

Fig 2 | Colouring Character 2

Fig 3 | Re-Colouring Characters 1 & 2
Fig 3 | Colouring Character 3

Fig 4 | The Begining Colouring Of Character 4

Fig 4 | Character 4 Coloured

Fig 5 | Character 5 Coloured