Monday, 19 March 2012

Influenced By Gerald Scarfe

After speaking with Alan he told me to look at Gerald Scarfe to help influence my designs. Therefore set about looking at his work for the 1998 Hercules and see how his work could help my design further.

Fig 1 | Gerald Scafe Characters (Disneyified)

Fig 2 | Gerald Scarfe - Zeues

Fig 3 | Gerald Scarfe - Meg

Fig 4 | Gerald Scarfe - Meg

Fig 4 | Gerald Scarfe - Meg's Build Up
Fig 5 | Gerald Scarfe - Centaur 

After looking through this character design I realised that the best option would be to use meg as a design influence in result I began to draw instead of use silhouettes as I felt it suited my strengths better.

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