Monday, 19 March 2012

Hunt For A Character | After Geryon

After speaking with Alan I came to realise that Geryon wasn't well known. Therefore was a poor decision for building a character. In result I moved to look at other characters so I could figure out what character I wanted to build. In turn I went back to my document 'Greek Myths and Their Characters' and picked some more known characters. From then on I looked to influence from movie, pottery, art, and any other media I could find on the subject. The following what I collated:


Fig 1 | Movie, Sculpture and Paintings

Fig 2 | Film, Tv and Games

Fig 3 | Paintings

Fig 4 | Paintings


Fig 1 | Video Games and Film

Fig 2 | Heracles In Pottery

Fig 3 | Heracles Sculptures 

Fig 4 | Heracles In Comics 


Fig 1 | Hermes Pottery

Fig 2 | Hermes Game Character

Fig 3 | Hermes Paintings

Fig 4 | Hermes Film and Sculptures


Fig 1 | Medusa In Film

Fig 2 | Medusa In Sculptures, Art And Pottery

Fig 3| Medusa Concept Art and Game Character

Fig 4 | Medusa Concept Art


Fig 1 | Minotaur In Film

Fig 2 | Minotaur Concept Art

Fig 3 | Minotaur Sculptures
Fig 4 | Minotaur In Pottery

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