Monday, 19 March 2012

@ Alan and Phil

Hi Guys,

The silhouettes took me longer than I wanted. Could you have a look at these silhouettes and decide your favourites. I got my preferences but like to have some feedback from multiple people. before settling on a final for development the links are below.

Silhoutte Character 6# Design and Evolution.

Evoloution of Character 6#

Evolution of Original Character 6

Silhoutte Character 5# Design and Evolution.

Character Evolution of 5#

Evolution of Original of Character 5#

Silhoutte Character 4# Design and Evolution.

Character Evolution of Character 4#

Evolution of Character 4#

Silhoutte Character 3# Design and Evolution.

Character Development of Original 3#

Fig 1 | Character Development of Orignal 3

Silhoutte Character 2# Design and Evolution.

 Character Development of Original 2#

Silhoutte Character 1# Design and Evolution.

My first set of images from the original character 1#.

Fig 1 | Character Development of Character 1#

Silhouettes of Athena

Now that I have collated enough research I decided to create 6 individual silhouettes and from this modify them to develop a better idea for my design. The following are my start up characters. That designed.

Fig 1 |  The Original Six

More Resource To Develop My Character

After talks with Alan I followed instruction and began looking into influences in animation and attributes of the Goddess. This lead me to looking at her sacred elements (The Olive Branch, The Owl, Sheild and Spear) also the animation style I wanted to achieve. i.e Tangled, How To Train Your Dragon and etc. The following is what I accumalted to further design my character.

Fig 1 | How To Train Your Dragon

Fig 2 | Incredibles

Fig 3 | Ratatouille

Fig 4 | Tangled

Fig 5 | Olive Branch

Fig 6 | Olive Tree

Fig 7 | OliveTree

Casting For Athena

Athena Casting

Looking For A More Unique Approach

After speaking with Alan, we felt my drawings weren't unique and followed the idea of Gerald Scarfe drawing to much. Instead I was advised to look up some key elements to establish  my character then to progress it to the next level.

These where the points given to me to uncover and evolve.

  •  Greek - Being Greek
  • Female - Casting For Athena 
  • Gods 
    • Attributes
      • Olive Branch 
      • Warrior Armour (insinuates Hard, Cold Element, Protection) 
      • History/ Fantasy 
      • Context - War Room Stratergy 
  • Target Audience - Age 14+
  • Animation Style - Movie cartoon (Tangled) 
  • Silhouette Foundation

Beginning Of Design | Athena

After looking at Gerald Scarfe I began to develop my charcter. The following are some drawing I put in to development:

Fig 1 | First Design Of Athena

Fig 2 | Athena 1#

Fig 2 | Athena 2#

Fig 3 | Athena #3

Fig 4 | Athena 4#
My favourite of the design was Fig 2#, however  all minus the start up three had positive parts. Therefore I plan to progress the ideas to make my final concept.

Influenced By Gerald Scarfe

After speaking with Alan he told me to look at Gerald Scarfe to help influence my designs. Therefore set about looking at his work for the 1998 Hercules and see how his work could help my design further.

Fig 1 | Gerald Scafe Characters (Disneyified)

Fig 2 | Gerald Scarfe - Zeues

Fig 3 | Gerald Scarfe - Meg

Fig 4 | Gerald Scarfe - Meg

Fig 4 | Gerald Scarfe - Meg's Build Up
Fig 5 | Gerald Scarfe - Centaur 

After looking through this character design I realised that the best option would be to use meg as a design influence in result I began to draw instead of use silhouettes as I felt it suited my strengths better.

Making A Start | Athena Breifly

So after beginning my development of Athena I attempted to mold pottery to the body shape. Unfortunatley the results where quite poor. Here the starting silhouttes:

Fig 1 | Molding The Silhouttes

I wasn't happy with my design as they appeared too chunky and wide. Granted the idea of Athena being curvacesous would be possible but I didn't think it would be ideal for me to design. So I went back to research to help me design my character.

My Choice | Athena

After researching, I decided to use Athena for my character concept, after finding images of Athena I then looked on research of how to portray her as an ancient greek goddess. In result I looked at objects, builidngs, vehicles  and any other item which is associated with Ancient Greece. The results are following:

Fig 1 | Greek Pottery and Pillars

Fig 2 | Greek Solidiers

Fig 3 | Ancient Greek Sheilds

Fig 4 | Ancient Greek Boats 

Hunt For A Character | After Geryon

After speaking with Alan I came to realise that Geryon wasn't well known. Therefore was a poor decision for building a character. In result I moved to look at other characters so I could figure out what character I wanted to build. In turn I went back to my document 'Greek Myths and Their Characters' and picked some more known characters. From then on I looked to influence from movie, pottery, art, and any other media I could find on the subject. The following what I collated:


Fig 1 | Movie, Sculpture and Paintings

Fig 2 | Film, Tv and Games

Fig 3 | Paintings

Fig 4 | Paintings


Fig 1 | Video Games and Film

Fig 2 | Heracles In Pottery

Fig 3 | Heracles Sculptures 

Fig 4 | Heracles In Comics 


Fig 1 | Hermes Pottery

Fig 2 | Hermes Game Character

Fig 3 | Hermes Paintings

Fig 4 | Hermes Film and Sculptures


Fig 1 | Medusa In Film

Fig 2 | Medusa In Sculptures, Art And Pottery

Fig 3| Medusa Concept Art and Game Character

Fig 4 | Medusa Concept Art


Fig 1 | Minotaur In Film

Fig 2 | Minotaur Concept Art

Fig 3 | Minotaur Sculptures
Fig 4 | Minotaur In Pottery