Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Geryon | My Choice For Character Design

So I decided to go for Geryon as my lead and therefore I ran some more in-depth research on his appperance so I could keep within the constructs of the myth of Geryon himself. Moreover I looked also at conjoined twins so I could look into there structure as to help me design Geryon. he foloowing are the description and influence maps I plan to take forward with me. 



-          GERYON (or Geryones) was a three-bodied, four-winged giant
-          Geryon “he had the body of three men grown together and joined in one at the waist, but parted in three from the flanks and thighs.
o   Ref: Mythematic : Solving the Twelve labours of Hercules (Book)
-          Geryon had 3 bodies that joined into one but divied into three again from the hip and thighs downwards.
o   Ref: The Library of Greek Mythology (Book)
-          Geryon, ... was a ferocious giant with three heads and bodies resting on two legs
o   Ref: Twelve Labours of Hercules (Book)
-          It seems that Geryon had three heads and three sets of legs all joined at the waist. 
-          Geryon had three heads and three sets of legs all joined at the waist.
-          From the waist down he was just your average ugly giant running around on two incredibly butch legs. From the waist up, there were three of him. Three muscular torsos, three macho belly-buttons, three pairs of bulging biceps, and finally three insanely leering heads with wildly terrifying hair.

I plan to move forward with this research to achieve a completely unique character. In essence the following stages will be to select my theme and progress further with the designing of Geryon.  .

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