Thursday, 1 November 2012

Minor Project Diary: Wk 5 Body Silhouettes

With the Heads almost completed I turned my attention to the body. I therefore began looking at ways I could make the body suit the heads in a comidic effect. The result where as followed:

Minor Project Diary: Wk 5 The Hunt For The Werewolf Continues.

With the other characters falling in place. It was time to pursue the Werewolf further. After some advice on the present look. It came to my attention that the character had lost it human look and had begun to look more Hell Hound than Wolfman.

By turning the teeth upside down and losing the pronouced snout it was easy to see a more relatable wolfman. This allowed the character to be more relatable to the other characters and allowed me to percieve what the band would look like.

Minor Project Diary: Wk5 Getting back into the Swing.

So after recovering from the illness I began to reinvest my time in the project and the development of the character. In short I began simple where I left off. After and solidifing my characters design. With this I pushed forward to scan in and use illustrator to get the outlines for my characters.

Once having the lines in vector form I then pushed forward to repainting. Hoping along the way that the new Werewolf would work alongside the other characters.

Still the Werewolf was fallling behind the other characters. So whilst pursuing the body silhouettes I continued to pursue the Werewolf.

Minor Project Diary: Wk 4 Illness and Change to Dissertation

Minor Project Diary: Wk3 The Turn Around Development

Whilst working on the Werewolf. My mind drifted to the turnarounds of the characters heads and to try and visulise the characters in three dimensions to help down the timeline to improve the development of the models later on.

 My first attempt didn't fair to well with me losing definition and charcter from the faces once moving to 3/4 angles of the characters. I knew therefore that the best choose of call was to go into Photoshop and develop character turn arounds in that software.

The final development of the characters worked extremely well and the visuals now aloud me to see how the heads would be built for the characters. However upon advice it was highlighted that the feautures had again, during the digital painting had been lost and the details which had made the characters successful in the drawings was no longer there.

Minor Project Diary: WK3 - 4 Resolving The Wolf.

So after finding the Werewolf to be the weak link in the work. It was time to rebuild and reimagine the way the Hound was supposed to look. With all advice and previous design in minds. I began to develop my character for a second time.

Minor Project Diary: Wk2 Another Developement and New Way to Design.

With the development picking up the pace it was now time to re-approach the design to see what could be changed or altered to simplify the chacters for 3D. In result the idea came forward as that the shape of the face should be simplistic shapes; Squares, Cyclinders, Triangles and Trapizium.
This process lead to a smoother developement.

 With the designs for Dracula and Frankenstein converted into this simplistic from the stylr was starting to show form. In result the Mummy design took mere minutes to design and fall into the the band quite nicely. Sadly the Werewolf was still the weakest link in the Bands design and need to be worked on alongside sortiung out body silhouettes. 

Minor Project Diary: Wk2 Reigniting The Creative Flames

With a new persepective on the out look of the characters development my plan had changed swiftly to a new more cutified look for these characters looking at the development first of there heads to help later in the designing the bodies. 

Minor Project Diary: Wk2 More R+D and progress.

With the development starting slow, I went back to research. Given a slight push in direction of simplistic design looking for the cute element in each charcters design. I proceeded to research horror characters  in cute forms. On the other hand looking towards the period of the these Universals Horror Characters and seeing what the toys of this period would look like to try and help with me developing these new characters.

Toys from the Unviersal Period (1930)

Cosbaby - The Cute-ification of Dark Characters and Un-cute Personas

For added influence: A look at the Original Universal Monster

Minor Project Diary: Wk1 Start Out Drawings

With some start up research attained it was time to start sketching. My inital target was to attempt to get a good structure for each character and develop them for building in Maya. Below are the start up drawings. 



Minor Project Diary: Wk1 Research and Development

With the Propsal given the green light Character Development began. But before development could begin, I needed abit of Research to help influence my character design.

I decide that I would take features from the Queen members and mix it in with the classic monsters which we have all grown up with. In result my theory was the following:

Freddie Mercury a.k.a Dracula 

Brian May a.k.a. Werewolf 

Rodger Taylor a.k.a Frankenstein 

James Deacon a.k.a The Mummy