Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Week 04| Props and Inanimate becoming Animate

For our 4th week, We looked at inanimate objects and how they where animated in professional films. After we where given an environment. I set upon animating objects within a childs bedroom. For the villian I went for the stereotypical scary wardrobe as a villian.  Above where my original drawings of the villian. 

After a hint from Justin, he pointed me in a direction to help me design the wardrobe and other characters within the environment. I went with a two door wardrobe which is slighty ajar. The eyes would be glowing red if properly produced. Above where my secondary design of the wardrobe.

After finalising behind the wardrob, I began to look at the other characters. From a quick analysis I gather the likely hood would be that a teddy bear which was slowly falling apart and has problems standing up as a sidekick. Moreover The hero would no doubt be a toy robot. As the box shapes sticks with the class stereotype of a hero.

 We then moved on to props I was given the witch from 'Sleeping Beauty' my original idea was to use the crow (sidekick) as a stylish cutlass for the witch. However, after Justin commented on the drawing and advise that the witch turns into a dragon in the film. I noticed that the idea wasn't good enough.

After my talk with Justin, I tried to add the flaming shapes which is present in the character designs. Moreover the flames implying the witch changing into a dragon in the film. This was my outcome [picture above]

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