Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Week 03 | Shapes 2 and Proportions

After the previous shapes lesson we look at the effects that have different shapes effect the feel of the character. As you can see above I attempted to convert Hercules in a more villian-esque style. applying sharp angles to the picture I was given.

After talking to Justin I was advised to be less sinister with my angles on the character. The picture above is my attempt at applying this knowledge. In this case I believe I was almost there with this drawing.

After a look at shapes we moved on to Proportions and how they effect the style of the character making them more dynamic. In result I tried to vary my drawings to look at ideas for Heroes, Villian and Sidekick postures.

With my designs I looked at the hero and sidekick. [picture on the left] I looked firstly at the hero, proportionally I exaggerated the chest and broaden the arms to echo the strength of the charcacter. Following this I looked at a sidekick. With this I attempted to create a thinner torso. But remaining with the same style as the hero. I found that making the body parts smaller and distorting the head worked quite well [picture right].

I then attempted further to exaggerate the designs to see what effect they gave. Sadly it didn't work as well and suggest to me; that with my character design I can't be over the top with exaggerating my proportions.

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