Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Marine Teens | Basic Body Porportions

Stevie Wilk : Hero 

With the hero I tried to create a similar posture and body proportions of the superheroes such as Superman, Batman or Captain Marvel.  My first two design where in homage to this but didn't look they way I saw my hero. 

My second installment of drawings worked ten times better as I tried to exaggerate further the muscle definition of the character. I found the Type 4# and Type 5#. I liked the muscle presence and exaggeration of proportion which imply straight away a hero. 

I had initially started my designs of the sidekick prior to the variance lesson. This image below was the original designs.  I liked the idea of morphing the head with a torso which looks a pear drop. I tried to get this into my work, after we looked at variance in session.

 Although set on a bodies proportions I realised that I could look at more variances to see which proportions would suit best for my sidekick character. Although the first two appear similar to my original designs I tried on the third for a slimmer waist. It had a good effect but didn't satisify my idea for the sidekick design.

My second result of drawings looked at exaggerating proportion again but to no effect. My first seem unorthadox whilst the last character looked to heroic to be a sidekick. However I like the style of the Type 6#. The small waist seemed to work better as long as the proportions where not immensely different than it waist. 

Finally I looked at the villians proportions and knew how I would like the character to appear. From the session I understood that stereotypes suggested the way ro imply a villianious character. However I wanted to show that the character was powerful and stronger than the average human. The first design didn't live up to expectation but the second one apealled to me as it looked as if an experiment gone wrong. Sadly the 3 design looked deformed and didn't look as could as I first percieved.

Once again I began exaggerating even further my design and found a sinister character my first variance. However, the character remained vacant of the powerful posture I was going for which suggest another approach. The next two drawing where attempts to mix the first page with the first design. I found this exaggeration failed miserably. As the proportions where to unorthadox an appear in human.

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