Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Idea - Old vs. New or Vica Versa

So I have been looking through books and internet to discover ways of displaying Contankerous the result was being a very comical look if young vs. old. Being a teenager arguing with there parent about doing a job set or a grandparent who much prefers what he has then going to something new. I.e. In ice age the Grandpa Hedhog says ' I lived in this hole, i'll die in this hole' whilst being tugged by his grandchildren away from the hole. I believe therefore this is thye way to go as animalistic interpretation suggest instinctual nature more than  argumentative. Moreover I need to look at stylisation from here on out to gather momentum on this project. In turn scipt shall be finished by friday if not will be completed on the way home to manchester.

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