Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Potential Plot Idea 3

Plot 3 

Act 1
The sign at the entrance was gradually decaying, as Juan enters the zoo for another day of work. His anguish portrayed in his face as he replays the word ‘Financial difficulties in his head’. The zoo however remained desolate as if ‘The Amityville Horror’ had happened here. The packaging of fast food floated around like tumble weeds. Juan continued to walk forward, the silence disrupted by a monstrous cry of pain. Reaching an enclosure his vision focused on the lions below lying malnourished upon the rocky cove. As he moved towards the feeding unit he heard a tremor of noise – footsteps. The image of a small group became clear from the entrance as he back peddled into the feeding unit. A glimpse of rope intrigued him, as he looked again at the group. His facade changed instantly his smile curved upwards as a menacing thought griped him, his eyes filled with insanity as he collected the rope and slowly edges his way out of the unit and ran into the darkness of the ‘Predator Land’.

Act 2
Juan listened in the shadows his eyes blood-shocked as he concentrated on the area laid before him. The enclosure was that of the grizzly bears which lay still as it hungered for fresh meat. The group came into view, their guide; one of the zoologist employed by the zoo, doing overtime. Juan held the rope waiting watching for a wanderer. The moment came as a beautiful woman step from the herd. She leant on the rails as she peered down at the beast. It was time...Juan tug at the rope the friction between branch and rope could be heard as the foliage beneath her shifted and she was tossed in the air. Screams came too late as she collided with railings and the concrete - Blood spilling from her cracked skull. Juan emerged from the brushes holding the rope, the women barely conscious notices and begins to speak but the severe concussion distorts it into murmurs. Juan pushes her sending her swinging into the enclosure and releasing the lasso. The woman plummets to ground and hit with a thud. Juan smiles looking down thinking that the woman’s body is uncanny to that of there a wet floor sign. Juan turns collecting his rope and flees back into the darkness. 

Act 3
The day draws on and the heat of the sun bears down on the group. Juan looks upon them salivating at the thought of another kill. His mind complete gone to madness. The group comes to a halt looking over the gorilla’s enclosure rehydrating and cooling themselves as they ready to continue the rest of the tour. As they pick up to leave a beautiful woman remains drinking water and applying makeup. Juan smiled; he licked his lips as he saw the women opening her pocket mirror. Juan tightened the lasso on to a branch and tugged to make sure it was secure. Once again he peered down at the woman sat below waiting for her to get up. Seconds felt like hours as beads of sweat dripped from his head. A slight movement brought focus, as the women slipped a bottle of water in to her bag. Her motion to stand engaged Juan, gripping the lasso he charged. Leaping he swung down from his ledge through brushes which hid him. The woman looks obliviously into the mirror once more. Juan’s heart ponds in his chest, he bits his upper lip in excitement his arm ready to lift the woman into the enclosure. A motion in the corner of her eyes beckons her to engage with the object. A figure approached its silhouette monstrous upon the eyes of the woman. The woman shrieks can be heard through the park. The pocket mirror falls from her elegant hands spiralling towards the ground. The mirror turns ever so slightly as it glistens from the sun reflection. Screams are heard again this time -male, as Juan shields his eyes from the reflection on the mirror. Losing his grip on rope Juan momentum launches him into the barrier. The velocity sending his body twirling into the gorilla enclosure, the crunch of his body colliding with the floor can be heard – silence fell upon the park the whimpers of women could be heard now as more bodies arrived at the scene. Below Juan motionless his eyes wide open.

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