Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Potential Plot Idea 2

Plot Idea 2 

Act 1
The echo of the manager’s words turns Juan face grimace as he looks towards the lion’s enclosure the king lies motionless his rib protruding it‘s skin. His face turns to anguish ‘financial difficulties’ it echoes still. Turning he see the park deserted, bare a few of his fellow colleagues. A flash catches his eyes as a small group of visitors follows the guide around the park. Juan stares as a young child enquires ‘Is it feeding time?’ the reply, fell on deaf ears as Juan’s face transformed into one of thought. As he peered down he notices the rope which was to be installed in repair of the monkey’s apparatuses. He then engaged his eyesight again with the group. His eyes focused like that of a predator, his mouth curved into a menacing smile as he drifted into the darkness and away. The group however edge towards the tiger enclosure. 

Act 2
The group had reached the predator enclosure holding the tigers, lions, snake and all possible predators to be found in the wild. As they approached the viewing platform of the anaconda it lay still. A few yards away Juan was the same lying in the foliage waiting for one to stray from the herd. A young man did just that, answering the phone as he ponders over the tiger’s enclosure looking down at the malnourished creatures. Juan pounced from the bushes launch himself with the lasso in his hand.  The startled look from the man came too late as the lasso wrapped around him. Juan then launched himself over the barrier and swings to the ground as his prey is pulled over the barrier. The screams echoed through the enclosure as the young man plummets to the rocks below.  Silence – Juan looked down at his victim his body broken and his phone smashed. The tigers began to approach; Juan calmly exited through the staff doors his lasso in his hands once more. 

Act 3
The group had arrived at the anaconda exhibit; their guide explaining the instincts of the anaconda. Once again Juan waited instinctively, patiently like a cheetah waiting for a young fawn to wander off from it herd. Again a woman remained behind her anxiety suggesting she had lost someone...the man perhaps? As she climbs the fence for a better vantage point, Juan launched himself in to action charging at the woman, lasso circling above his head. The woman turns and immediately screams diving into her hand bag. As she recovers Juan launches the rope tightening it around her waist. The echo of footsteps grows louder and louder as Juan launches himself again over the barrier. A sharp pain pieces his feeling, as his muscle tense and the rope falls from his hands. Silence – below the woman stare as the group arrive the shock and horror of the image before them beckons a scream from a visitors, another shields their children from the image. The guide steps up to the girl shaking with the rope still around her waist; a Tazer in her hand ‘I thought he was going to rape me’ she exclaims. Turning away the group leave as the anaconda slowly engulfs the last of his meal. A single shoe lies next to it as a cotton sock edges it way into anaconda’s mouth.

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