Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Potential Plot Idea 1

Plot Idea 1
Act 1
Morning – Juan looks down at the tiger enclosure his eyes filled with anguish, as the malnourished alpha male lies motionless next to the pool. Turning he leans on the railings as the manager walks by miserable. Juan thoughts drifts to moments earlier as the manger announced the park is in financial difficulties and then to the starving animals. The sound of the clock chimes above the entrance to the park and the faint whisper of visitors can be heard. Juan faces changes becoming menacing and dark. His notion was about to be set in motion as the small assembly of visitors bore down on him. Stepping forward he approached them and grasp the group was no bigger than 5 and spoke in a deep crackling voice as ‘’ you’re in luck today boys and girls – it feeding time... MWAH HA HA HA HA’’ stopping suddenly hoping his evil laugh hadn’t been noticed. The visitors looked on as is if they had believed it to be the norm, laughing and taking photos all around. ‘’ Come this way. I shall guide you through the enclosure’ 

Act 2
The area they came across first was the ape enclosure, the expanse area littered with trees and plant life as if the natural habitat of these creatures. Juan leading brings them to the baboon enclosure peering in he sees them again malnourished and lying motionless on the tree branches. His smile protrudes facial feature as like cattle he herds the tourist to the viewing platform. As they gaze he drift into the back announcing he’ll begin the feed. Entering the feeding area he leaves the door slightly open to keep his eyes on the crowd. Turning he grabs a rope in front of him yanking down hard. The sudden crack of the branches above echo through the enclosure as a log plummets towards the ground no sooner beneath the feet of the visitors the debris clears and a lasso snatches at their ankles taking them skywards reaching the peak of the incline they hear snap as torque on the rope turns to slack and they begin to fall. As they fall one notice figure standing where they had been moments earlier...black. Juan looks down at his achievement 5 corpses lay before him, motionless. Moreover his animal where dismounting from the tree. It was time to feed. Turning Juan walked away sears in one hand but another snap from the branches got his attention another log flung down, his feet came from beneath him and his head collided with the ground. 

Act 3
Waking his vision refocuses as he stares down at the enclosure the remains of his victims littering the ground below. The baboons now more active, energized, exhilarated at the notion of new meat their bound for the figure hung above.  The torque on the lasso begins to pry, jolt and then loosens completely. Hurling towards an inevitable fate the figure appears from the viewing platform. Juan looks to scream his eyes in disbelief but the black of death came too quickly. The echo of wing tips soles slapping the floor drowned out the enclosure as the man hurries for the exit. Reaching the entrance/exit the man turns and pulls the gates shut applying a sign displaying enclosure closed for maintenance. As he turns his badge glints in the sunlight as the reflection shines on the nearby wall...MANAGER. The figure turns and collapses the 9 inch blade back into its cover. Slipping the pen knife in to his inner jacket pocket he begins to walk back into the sunlight. Rubbing his hands together he states ‘’It’s going to be a good day’’.

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