Sunday, 30 January 2011

Forgotton Wireframe

So I have just got back from my trip home so until now I have not been able to upload. Nevertheless 2011 doesn't respond to the wireframe guide set. Therefore this is the outcome I got from it.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Happy Tree Friends - Flippin' Burgers

This is in view of the serial killer and having the idea of a possible 'Vietnam Flashback'

Happy Tree Friends - A to Zoo (Part 2)

Happy Tree Friends - A to Zoo (Part 1)

The Weird and Wonderful Life Of My Project

For My Project I have looked into the following in the next post to keep my idea freash. the result I had was:

Prop: Lasso
Environment: The Zoo
Character: Serial Killer

The Final Load....SamplerInfo's

So here the model from last week. The sampler info is incredibly easy to understand after working through these tutourials plus there effective. Still I have to say the x-ray was the one that appealled to me the most. Anyway below are the final objects:

The inSANTAtron 3000 - Santa.

With the basic knowledge of rendering furs my final results stray away from the typical snata hat. nevertheless I have found that PolarBearFur And LionsMaine have a good vaule. Also when supplying another fur on to a nurb the effect can be quite nice (minus the horrific reddish colour) Anyway below is my Santa Hat of the future.

Furitude - The Fur Elements

Here is the begining of the fur elements. The following are the reneders from each section:

Pirate Cove

The stages I went through with the pirate cove. I made some slight changes in design but nothing to recognisable. nevertheless the following is the result.

Final Image