Thursday, 24 November 2011

Character Design | Characters Coloured In

With time running out I used basic coulouring to help me visualize my hero and sidekick. I used simple colour and varied the lightness of it per image. I felt that the sidekick need to be more stealth due to his inability to par take in immense combat.

Side Kick In His Colours
 I referenced Captain Marvel's colour theory when coming to my hero as it depicts the grandeur of the character showing him as a powerful protoganist. I felt that the warmth helped engage the feriousioness of the characeter in battle whilst remaining a pleasant character in day to day activities.
Hero In His Colours

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Character Design | Action Poses

Hero Action Pose

Side Kick Pose

Villian Pose

Character Design | Villian Turn Arounds

Front View

Side View

3/4 Angle View

Character Design | Sidekick Turn Arounds

The side-kick turn arounds.

Front View

3/4 View
Side View

Character Design | Hero Turnarounds

Front Look

Side View

3/4 Angle

Character Design |Villian 3/4 Facial Expression Work.

This was by far the hardest to design for me but supplied the most achievement when completed. The design where difficult but I maanged to create the design I was looking for.

The experession was hard to complete but I found myself using multiple expression turning away from sadistic one I was expecting to pursuit. In hindsight I believe it to work as  the cartoon will have moments where the villian will break from character and in turn make the characters experessions valid.

Character Design | Sidekick 3/4 Facial Expression Work.

I found that my favourite workings on facial expression was not doubt the geek which I was able to supply with the most comical expression due to its implictaion in the cartoon.

I felt that the character had the ability to have the rubber face and therefore easier to design with emotions.

Character Design | Hero 3/4 Facial Expression Work.

I left these images to the end as they where the most challenging but after a few practices with drawing 3 dimensional. I found my self knock out some of my favourite work this unit. The hero came the simplist as I worked closely with the design and found the imagery easier than most.

 I do feel that this work could have gone better but my progress in drawing ability really can be evident and gave me a boost to continue my work on the characters facial expressions.

Character Design | Villian Character Design Work.

I looked to push my work further with the design of my villian as they normally have intricate designs. What else i noticed was the charcter would normally have the attire from a completely different background the heros. In turn I went for a medieval armour approach as it also posessed the best solution to make the tiger appear evil.

As I progressed furtherI released the cape and looked closely at the implied animal. The Tiger. I saw that the tiger allowed me to use it strips to add flair to it design espeacially with the majority of the body being covered with armour.

Character Design | Villian Skeleton Work.

I pushed forward to skeleton work for the action pose and looked to use a pose which was frontal and displayed power. The result was as shown:

I went for a triumphant pose which could work in a sense of magic or power shooting from the palms. I looked also for it to display dominace and an overpowering pose.

Character Design | Villian Body Work.

In unforeseen circumstances, I became ill in the final few days and saw me rush the villian character. But the body work still remained important as I cracked on with it to produce the best possible outcome for my work.

Although out of proportion in comparison to my hero. As I want the character taller. The body of the right image was great and showed potential for costume design and character. In turn I preferred this style on anthramorphism and pushed on to design.

Character design | Sidekicks Skeleton Work With Face and Emotions

The looks where getting there with the sidekick so I moved onto rough drafts of the characters face. the folowing where my results. I looked at defining feature so used face on features over side views. Allowing me to to push on to the 3/4 views later on.

I pushed on to get three defining emotion out of the character and with them came alot of opportuntinity. On the other hand however I felt that the geek was difficult to repeat but due to practice became resolved for my 3/4 angles.

Character Design | Sidekick Costume Work.

The costume, was the clear difficult design for this character as I needed to promote the character as a geek/ nerd. The standard stereotypical attire not being adequate to be changed into gouverment issue armour;. Plus the character's flimpsy body didn't suggest  him to be able to handle agressive sitiuations in turn I looked to push the costume to enhance his abilities and look like hi-tech equipment to resemble his nerdy resemblance.

 I had once again trouble in design but manage to piece together my final work last on right. I found tying to suppy nerd attire to difficult and instead looked at the high tech body armour. the result became best suited for the charcetr and allowed me to progress.

Character Design | Sidekick Skeleton Work.

I decided that with the body shape I was happy so I progressed to looking at skeleton features to help me design the final image. These where my working as I tried to promote his intelligent nature. However, the result end in my supplying him with weaponary.

The perspective was great for my final image however I didn't see the use of the side and front for the skeleton. But it supplied me with the knowledge of how to draw him when coming ot standard pose.

Character Design | Sidekick Body Work.

I went on to the sidekick as the body needed alot of work from the last time I touched on his design. In result I spent more time building the bodies design to help me design the proportions for the sidekick which would be relevant to the workshops tutorials on sidkicks and there stature.

I feel in love with thes final models but couldn't identifiy my favourite. So instead I drew a few final piece as scene aboved. The last drawing really worked for me and I decided to progress with it to the next level.

Character design | Hero Skeleton Work With Face and Emotions

As a result I moved on to my facial work which I struggled with. To start i warmed up looking at front and side designs. Noticing the difficulty I looked at the emotion which can be portryed via eyes and mouth. I finally pushed on to creating the heroes face after this and progressed to basic understandings of 3/4 quarter view before my final emotion drawings.

These piece where discussed with Justin who informed me for the heads proportions to smaller at the top than the bottom therefore implying the characters youth.

Character Design | Hero Costume Work.

After making a collaboration with Justin upon using high school attire. It came to attention that the best costume where the american football jersery which was armoured already. I coverted this with a mixture of other army issue/ fantasy wear. these where the too results which I enjoyed and then when speaking Justin he also found it appealing. 

This costume did appear to be like the costume of Judge Dredd. However I liked the simplicity and it appeal as gouverment issue armour.

Character design | Hero Skeleton Work With Perspective

After close evalution I attempted to further my goal by practicing different perspectives. These perspectives didn't work either at the start but progressed as the practice session went on.

After, I wasn't satisfied with my work I found myself looking towards costume and see how this development panned out.