Wednesday, 1 December 2010

@Phil - Tableau Vivant - Suicide Bunny?

Hi Phil, After The Lecture on monday I have been looking on the web to get a better understanding of the concept. I came across this comic series and wonder if i follows the same priniples. Of having that anticipatory feel to it.


  1. I love these cartoons - and yes, arguably, they have that 'horror of the frozen moment' quality - the 'about to be' and all the suspense that goes with it. Of course, the effect here is blackly comedic and not very subtle. You might want to think more in terms of an image, in which the 'horror' creeps up on the viewer - i.e. that it's not so immediately obvious...

  2. haha!! I love this bunny! It always makes me feel like: Should I cry or laugh now? :P

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