Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Colour schemes - Help for a healthy environment....sorry unhealthy in this case

So one thing that film use is a colour theme. In effect an overlay of colour to apply a mood. I think therefore I am going to apply this to my artwork also. Interestingly enough I believe that the way to go is to have that colour style of blue and even go as far a Omen (2006) which also contrast with red to really push for that eriee look. here the references taken showing my theory:


  1. Hi, Im ruben from 2nd year just passed by to say hello.

    And also to mention that you got a good idea going on, and to support this idea you have a extensive body of research, my suggestion lays on to take this idea forward. Start thumbnailing and refining your environment, in terms of composition, lighting etc. Cos as soon you have your concept art resolved you can start modelling the stuff in Maya.

  2. Ruben's right you know - time to turn some of your instincts and ideas into viewable content - time for the theory to inform the practice...