Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Ideal Start

So i have satrted to refine my ideas and sculpt my work. This is the first element I have looked into by get ting the stage ready to paint. By starting with basic shapes I get the persepective as much as the understanding of the actual 3D necessary. In respect I believe that the environment wil play host to lots of cubiod shapes.

Monday, 13 December 2010

The Guide to my project so far...

 Designing My Set                                                            

Final 20 Thumbnails - Gathering an the final pieces

Here anothee 20. Taking m to that next level. With these i will be able to interpretate my work and use it to help me design further. For this reason I will collate all drawing to produce a 3 piece set of digital drawing to sound of me work for the 3D aspects.

Friday, 10 December 2010

@Phil - The Noose Visuals

Hi Phil the noose concept can be seen in the last 3 images of the 2nd set of 20 thumbnails. They're only brief as I am looking to see whether t would work. I will create some more and extended my work to 70 thumbnails just to establish more on the noose. Thanks for comment.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

@Phil - Tableau Vivant - My Nooseance

Hi Phil, yes my problem is with my  new idea of having the iconic noose in my pictures. I would like an opinion on it as an element for my image. As the noose is a distinct methaphor for death and even sucide. I am trying to think of wether the image will truely be a Tableau Vivant image. As the interpreation of a viewer would be very descriptive or would it. All in all I want the viewer to have that anxious feeling that they don't whats happened/happening. An yet I don't whether a noose is the correct choice being the fact that it a viewer can possible say. 'Oh it a sucide scene' or 'Oh ther gonna be a sucide'. Is it too much for this style?

Second 20 Thumbnails - adding to progress

For My new 20 i have looked further in to the story value and how I can make a viewer percieve an open ended storyline such as Tableau Vivant suggest. For me a key moment in movies is the 'CLIFF HANGER' As at the end of the story we don' know what going to happen. What will happen next? For me evidence of this can be seen in movie such as the classic 'Italien Job' or even the final seconds of 'Blade Runner'. So my new 20 have looked on attempting to perfect perspective in previous seen and develop a story which has know begining or no ending in fact. It leave the viewer to imagine. My idea therefore has gone back an forth between to major uncanny elements. Human stereoypes and the noose. My intial instinct for people to feel uncomfortable at a train station would be 'GANGS' or in pure young adult/kids language 'CHAV'. What is more scary to someone when you see the shadows or even a silhouette of hood figures. Espeacially on your own. Nerve racking. So alot of scene will have shadows. The Noose is a thought that I had when think of the uncanny and as element, it has many iconic mean throughout history. Mainly death. For this reason the idea of a noose in most environmets can mean uncanny. As individuals I believe they are quite strong pieces but at the same time I believe that together it's over kill. Never the less opinion will be appericated. Here the next 20:

Following this progressI am going to step to a final 20 after tomorrows work shops. I have enough to obviously bring many vision to matte painting but I want to take this to the next step. Push m self alittle bit further. Hopefully with some colour versions I will be able to do so. I want to have my final 20 done by sunday so that I can progress on matte painting and possible development of 3D elemnts.

First 20 Thumbnails - Gathering an Angle.

For the first twenty this time I have tried to find a solution to a camera angle and to the postion of key elements. For this reason my result are varied.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Colour schemes - Help for a healthy environment....sorry unhealthy in this case

So one thing that film use is a colour theme. In effect an overlay of colour to apply a mood. I think therefore I am going to apply this to my artwork also. Interestingly enough I believe that the way to go is to have that colour style of blue and even go as far a Omen (2006) which also contrast with red to really push for that eriee look. here the references taken showing my theory:

Research My Back Garden

I have decided to retrace my ideas to good old rochester and once more. When considering this place it easy to understand why at night it holds a very spooky and eriee feel with it. For instance an uncanny thing to ourselves is that of the haunted house or an old building. Why? we relate it to ghost and thanks to movie even demons. nevertheless Old town is full of spooky architecture. Mix the abandon night station with an old architectural building you getting more unhomly with that. Here's more reference. The would be more but you guessed the batteries died. Shall look further into it tomorrow night.

In the shadows of movies

So I have looked at some movies to seew which display shadows as an unknowning signs or of something horrific to come. Furthermore for this reason I have taken some screen shots just to get and idea for reference.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Who Shadow Is That?

Sneaker ShadowsBeing at a ghoulish station what more unsettling as a shadow of a figure.Used countless times in mpovie to depict a terror or even for comedic values the ideology of a shadow represents the unknown or the undescribed ideal for making a common place unhomely. Here a few more references to this idea:

UFO Shadow Illusion Shadow Dance

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Mist who knows what lie beneath it white sheet.

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I like this piece because it directly resembles that eriee feel. notice the shadow fidure who can be presuumed decapitated. no doubt a shadow of an on going pedestrian and yet a horror image presents itself.

For this reason i have looked at atmosphere and it uses to us. For me I find that the a misty/foggy atmosphere gives us that mystery value that should be evident in a unhomly tableau vivant piece. I using the following as reference not just for the element itself but also for it use to create horrid shadows and unnatural spooky themes.