Sunday, 7 November 2010

Research Dinosaurs And Size Difference

I have been looking at the differences between sizes of human and dinosaur as one extract comments on the protagonist falling into a pit after being chased by the T-rex. There is also mention of alot of Iguanodons and at the scene near the lake it mention Amardillo looking creature as well as a big deer and finally the stegosaurus arrives later on. Therefore By getting the depiction between man and dinosaur I can make a concpet believeable and have the ability to show depth. Nevertheless this is important for the pit scene where its decribed that the remains of Dinosuaur carcusses are present.


How Iguanodon may have looked.

Iguanodon scale





How Ankylosaurus may have looked.Ankylosaurus scale
















How Stegosaurus may have looked.
Stegosaurus scale





 How Saichania may have looked.

Saichania scale









 How Tyrannosaurus may have looked.

Tyrannosaurus scale 






 How Velociraptor may have looked.

Velociraptor scale 







 How Triceratops may have looked.

Triceratops scale 








How Brachiosaurus may have looked.

Brachiosaurus scale



How Diplodocus may have looked.

Diplodocus scale

Big Dinosaur Diferences

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