Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New Design Idea

Now that I have completed the thumbnails  have seen a few which have taken my fancy. So I have decided to push forward on to photoshop and see what it looks like. I think because of the fantasy value I have gone for a mystical and magical style. This is the production of my first piece.

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  1. Evening jonny...

    You asked me to look and I'm looking - a couple of immediate observations... I'm not sure these images are quite 16:9 (widescreen) - and after today's crap with projectors, I'm pretty sensitised! Also, you've gone for a very symmetrical composition - tree in middle, rock columns equally spaced... it just gives the whole composition a 'neatness' that, I'd suggest, is going to work against your ability to make this into a suitably 'natural' seeming environment. Also, watch your colour; that water is very 'happy' and 'welcoming', when I'm assuming you want to generate a more foreboding or ominous quality - or am I mistaken? The other issue is lighting - here, the lighting is flat, and is touching everything equally; again, for a more theatrical effect, consider your light source more deeply - where's it coming from, and are there opportunities for shadows/rim lighting etc. Also - what time of day is this? Light has a different colour cast at different times in the day - here, your light feels very generic. Personally, when you make the shift to 16:9, I'd reconsider the whole composition - consider moving the tree into the left - or right third of the image and so open out the view of the pit into a more asymmetrical aspect...