Monday, 8 November 2010

My Choice Of Film Porduction For My Essay Star Wars IV: New Hope

So for my essay I have decided upon looking at the production of Star Wars IV: New. Being a franchise which has been enjoyed by mulitple generation. The Originals are still today seeen as the better of the two complations. Furthermore at the time the methods of production and animation where very advanced in 1979 not to mention carving a path for new movie such as George Lucas' later Box Office smash 'Indiana Jones'.

 Star Wars Anthony Daniels & Kenny Baker 1977 LucasfilmStar Wars Dir. George Lucas & Prod. Gary Kurtz 1977 Lucas FilmsStar Wars Mark Hamill 1977 LucasfilmStar Wars Mark Hamill 1977 LucasfilmStar Wars Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher 1977 LucasfilmWilliam Hootkins as Red Six in Star Wars (1977)

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