Monday, 8 November 2010

Looking at making landscape in Photoshop.

This is the begining of a concept which I drew as a thumbnail. these are the steps to where I am currently at with this project. Yet I am considering altering it more and if not completely alter the look of the image althogether.

  I didn't like the way the mountains lookaed a this point and after seeing the original King Kong I was able to see the possibilty of using more dynamic mountain. Not to mention also giving me the ability apply more depth to the picture. Still a pointer from Phil said to get rid of the obvious horizon line. With the trees. I then decided to apply more to the background to then add more to the picture.

 I contiuned to apply more and more detail to the concept with texture and shading. the problem being that I still struggling to get the rock shape that I want. I think it's best to look at completeing the concpet for this design piece.

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