Monday, 8 November 2010

Influence Maps

With issue when drawing environments I have trouble to produce to the high standards as the pros. Therefore I have used influence map to help me charcterise my enviromentally concepts by looking into professional artists design and how they made the scenery.

The top two have to entirly different subjects in which i have looked for creative inspiration for my final design. The top map I have made is to describe the water as for most of the scene I would like to depict. It's necessary to depict the water correctly. Also the idea of a waterfall would be ideal so looking at the their choice for creating a waterfall. Allow me to further my studies and in effect giving me a chance of making a good concept. The other show tree formation and textures as well as  rock texture for my environment. The idea portrayed allow me to look and evaluate the prospect of making a more realistic look for the concept art. The tree depiction is a key element as it helps me to depict the Silk Cotton Tree.

The top symbolises the Pits both in the made-made pit and the pterodactyl nesting groundings. This is because they a need to look dark, dingy and dangerous by showing a implying this I have found the ability to look further into perspective and expeaically depth. I still concerned on whether be so dramatic and yet being that it's dinosaur I am half considering to continue this idea in my plans. The final map on the right are some depictions of dinosaurs. with this I have the ability to show my creative influence by taking notes from how the enviornment and charcter connect together. I am not saying that obviously that the character is feature but nevertheless i feel obliged to look within these scene to grab a  height differences in perspective and environment. not to mention with  a human comparisonant. I think now prior to my research I will begin the final developmnt of my thumbnails and hopefull proceed on to the final 3 picture by the end of this week.

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