Thursday, 21 October 2010

Wacom Head Poses - Lampery. Possibilities

So after recieveing the critc on the wednesday I look for ideas onhow to shape the head and whether or not to have my head full lampery or 1/2 of each. These are a couple of idea which have allowed me to look further into this and in result figure out shading eye shape and what not to do with the Lampery. Also in this wacom lesson we used brushes to add detail.

Still I wasn't happy with this so I decided to go back to the drawing bored hit the sketch book to create the designs. I started at looking at postion which where challenging and abit more full body.

After choosing a pose that I was happy with (the strugling poses).  and then looked at the best head view for me to begin my design process. By taking photos of me and using them to illustrate myself. My thoughts then went further into looking at my party photo as well as Front, Side and On Diagonal.

I like the idea of an angle as I have always struggled and looked at more flat side views and front views. As you can see I had ticked the them as my best drawings. Still I wanted a challenge and took the diagonal pose as a way to further my skills.

As previously stated I have looked into the underlying structure and found nothing but cartilage so I follow the idea opf a tumour when developing the body. I also look into the muscles and how they are effected yet if a tumour this wouldn't be much. but when looking at the skull where I had decide the Lampery to head to come I looked at the ear and thought it best that as the biggest group of cartildge in the human body it would be ideal to house the lampery's head. therefore I looked at the skull and erode the ear to make way for the lampery head. From here I used the 3/4 view as my challenge to create the final piece.

Before fully looking into the development I then concerntrated on the Lampery's key features (such as the mouth, the long slender body and the jawless mouth. Also the eye was of an importance to me as I wanted it to take over my human eye as if the lampery tumour was slowly taking over my body.

Finally, I put this down on to paper and made the image i would use in photoshop to digitally paint.

From hear I went on to developing my image in photoshop.

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