Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Squeaky Bum Time - Final Critic for Thursday Tweak

Cheers for the feedback Phil I have attempted to meet the advice given still I am not to sure now about the self portrait. have I done too much. Whats your Opinion. They're both under 18A &1 18B but although the latter is more complex I am just wondering what could take to the next level. Thoughts?


  1. Personally, I think you might want to reconsider your colour palette, and go for something less warm and healthy looking; there is, let's face it, something pretty nightmarish about the lamprey - something primordial - and your colour scheme is more 'of the mammal' somehow. Also - in terms of pose and composition - you're keeping things very 'middle-distance' - it will take a certain courage to act on this advice at this stage, but I'd rethink it - make it more confrontational - bring your face (and that mouth) closer to the viewer; other students have used an interesting variety of ways to identify the most dynamic pose for their portraits; remember too, that one of the assessment criteria is based entirely on a students growing understanding of human anatomy, so I think you could absolutely lend more sophistication to the depiction of your body. Another thing you may want to consider is lighting; if you're truly underwater, think about what the light would be doing to your subject; currently, your hybrid seems rather immune to his surroundings.

  2. Thanks for the comments I will look into it. Glad you like it Jonno.