Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Seriously Cartilage Is That It..Cartilage

So the Sea lamprey you thing it would have some type of  skeleton structure. Really, you would just think that a fish would have the same skeleton structure. So why when looking at the inside and looking at the image I got this:

Let face it, this ain't exactly a flattering image of the inside and a lamprey and you don't have to have that much of a imagination to look at this image and think it is entirely something else. SERIOUSLY?

Furthermore when researching on this website it states.

'The skeleton of the lamprey is composed of cartilage (gristle);'

Thinking from this I realised that as human we only have cartilage in our joints but the main area being the ear. I think that for this reason I going to look at the manipulate my ears. In fact scrap that I going to take the ear out the question.

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