Monday, 11 October 2010

Ra Power

Yes, after much deliberation I have come up with the question for my essay and it will of course include the ancients. Furthermore do to this idea itself open me up to understand and hopefully understanding the use of metamorphosis in past religion and ideologies. Not to mention those changes in presents media.  My question:

‘Why, as human beings do we look to metamorphosis to demonstrate the power of a man/creature – Be it an Almighty Sun God like Ra to an Evil Centaur from Greek mythology – and why now do we take these images and distort them in present day films?’

When looking in to this I hope to uncover some ideologies of past and present and see how in the human mind this idea has gradually changed over time. A few of the areas I will touch are:
·         Egyptian Gods & Goddess’
·         Greek Mythology
·         Harry Potter
·         Narnia
·         Pirates Of The Caribbean
·         Twilight
·         Underworld
All of which have metamorphosis present so when in comparison with each other. It should so pose a good argument between past and present beliefs.

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  1. okay - good - but don't drown your argument in examples - keep it lean, keep it focused, and stay 'on message'!