Friday, 8 October 2010

New Referencing - I can't believe it....It's Harry Potter.

Finally after looking in every book in the libarary to help me depicted my fusion I have found Harry Potter. Whilst looking at the transformation that takes place in 'District 9' I recognised that their was quite a few transfiguration in Potter's world and I found more than I bargained for the video below shows my findings. Interestingly enough the boy wizards has done it again. As you will see in the water clip wheere harry has developed gills and web fingers. It has come tomy attention that I can use this as a way to manipulate my self portrait as the Lampery has fins which can be fused to my feet and hands. Hmmm any thoughts people?

Sorry issue occured with reference video. here are some clips I got off YouTube an  some images as substitute until I fix the video file.
(anyone know a way to possibly convert my file in to one that compressed and can be put up on to the blog?)

Also I have researched into new ways of making myself more hideous than 'The Fly' (1986). My idea hit me quite recently when drawing. I feel that even though scientist and man (la Belle et La Bette) have gone through that fusion process they still have the figure of the human and have come to know real harm physically (okay not at the end for the fly.....but that throwing up scene was awesome) still I thought when reading over the breif why would a teleporting/splicing machine know exactly how to splice correctly? Could I come out looking like I have a tumour or as if the animal was cancerous part of me. Well here some research I went looking at. I remember this very well as when I was a kid it scared the hell out of me. Kuato the mutant from the film 'Total Recall' (made in 1990 and directedd by Paul Verhoeven) was the mutant leader of the rebels on mars. Here are few picture that I thought would help me out greatly to get the effect I would like...A cancerous looking lampery fusion.

I like the manipulation of the fusion as the (baby?) Kuato body is kind of melted into the torso of the man and and no proportionally correct as you can tell the right arm is higher then the left and further away from where the body should be. (all honestly it he looks like a young Whinston Churchill to me).

I though there it would be nice to have a closer look at the concept art of Kuato. As you can see the visible fused elements are the arms and head attached t the torso. I wonder if anything, should I have the Lampery fus from my torso as well?Opinions please? 

These next shots are vital to my creation, as you can see the host in these shots are almost comatose as if kuatat has taken alll his energy and life system for himself while he talks. I think that this would be a great depiction for me and the lampery as we will be both fighting for control over the body (very much so as in the inferior version of 'The Fly' in 1958.

First edition of final production will come soon prior to this as I am think of possible ways to use this knowledge to my advantage. Any comments will be appeciated at this time.


  1. I love Total Recall :D
    But that baby did freak the hell out of me lol

  2. Hey Jonathan - your font size is sooo tiny... but I'm liking your enthusiasm for this less integrated approach - this is Cronenberg territory - interesting stuff. I look forward to seeing your developmental sketches arrive...

  3. Hope that a better size Phil. Thanks for teh heads up. Yeah when I saw that film I thought it was going the right direction when splicing. I just don't believe it would be a clean cut as other films imply.

    I have to agree with you there Ben. Total Recall is one of Arnie's classic along side 'Predator and Terminator'. I think the best part of this film is the fact that we still don't know whether the whole films a dreams or reality. But Kuato...Yeah evil muntant baby will always creep me out. It's why I have nevered watch the Chucky films.